Sunday, November 18, 2012

Unpacking Books

At first, I wanted to wait until the kitchen was done to unpack all the boxes on the first floor. With all the workmen around and the construction dust that constantly settles all over everything, I thought it would be pretty counterproductive to start taking things out of boxes before everything was cleaned.

But today I started getting antsy. Because, as I have written about before, the place I live never quite feels like home until I unpack my books. Since college, whenever I move into a new place, I always, always set up my books first. I can handle the kitchen being under construction, and I can even handle not having my closets quite organized, but I couldn't relax while my books were still in boxes. I don't believe in e-books, and I rarely go to the library. I need to read actual books, and I have to own them. And I do own them. Hundreds.

So today, despite the kitchen still being under construction, I broke out the box of cleaning supplies, and scrubbed the shelves I had earmarked for my book collection. 

After everything was clean, along with some help from my sister, I opened all seven boxes of my books, and laid everything out so I could see what I had before I put everything up on the shelves.

I started with this:

It looks like a bit of a chaotic mess, but there is a method to my madness. Because before long, my shelves looked like this:

With three entire shelves dedicated to my Nora Roberts collection:

Astute readers might have noticed the empty shelf space. My sister has five of my Noras that she borrowed, so I am saving them shelf space for when they make their return to my collection.

When I lived in a tiny Manhattan apartment, my books took over our living room. But now that I live in a house the endless book shelves are dwarfing my substantial collection.

I am pretty sure that I will be spending some quality time on placing some orders tonight...


  1. I, too, set up the books first! Looks good!

    1. Thanks! I've been waiting and waiting to set them up!

  2. Wow. I was envious of your kitchen but now my mind is blown from the total book porn. Gorgeous. I love it. I take it you're not a Kindle user?

    1. Thanks! I just love seeing them all set up. In theory, I like the idea of a Kindle, where I can buy any book I want and have it beamed straight to my hand immediately. But in practice, I like to see my books on shelves, and I like to hold them in my hands when I read them. I've written a lot about how I remember certain moments of my life from the books I was reading at the time, so my books have lots of memories attached to them, and I'm not so sure it would be the same with an e-book.

  3. So with you on the books! I am not kindlized either. I love real books and I usually buy them too. Nice to find a fellow book geek!