Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kitchen Update

We are almost there...Just another couple days, and we should have a fully completed and functioning kitchen. The cabinets are all installed, the appliances are here, and the walls have been painted. In the most exciting news yet, I got home yesterday, and walked into the house to find this:

And this:

And my most favorite, this:

We have counters folks! All that is left to do is the backsplash tile, the plumbing for the sink and dishwasher, and the installation of the hood above the stove, and we are in business! Even though I have a cleaning service coming next week to attack all the construction dust, I think I am going to spend some time this weekend cleaning the insides of all the cabinets myself so I can start setting things up. I kind of like the idea of getting this room ready on my own. After the first few cabinets I may be singing a different tune, but right now it seems like a pretty good move. My dusting rags and spray bottles of kitchen cleaner are ready for action.

Otherwise, suburban life is treating us pretty well thus far. Christmas lights and decorations are going up in my neighborhood, which I love, and it's getting cold outside, which I love even more. I have always been a major fan of the winter season, and everything that comes with it (except, of course, Midtown Manhattan madness), especially the cold. Last year for Chanukah my mom got D and me the best slippers ever from L.L. Bean. Since the weather is particularly winter-like this week, last night we broke them out:

Don't our slipper-clad feet look just divine against our newly refinished floors?


  1. Your kitchen looks AWESOME. I agree about setting it up yourself. It's personal. And those gleaming floors! I, too, love the approach of cold weather. I grew up expecting it and it's somehow exciting to me. However, in Feb. I will definitely be singing a different tune and will long to be on a beach somewhere. Have fun this weekend.

  2. The kitchen looks fantastic! Yay!

    And every time we've ever moved, I have put the kitchen together myself without assistance because I've got to be able to find my stuff so we can eat. I don't care if someone misplaces a box of DVDs or books, but if I can't find my pots and pans...

  3. I am so impressed that your hubs made those cabinets - they are gorgeous! I don't like cold weather. I'm already counting down until Spring! And yes, I love your slippers!

  4. Looks great!! I can't wait to see the finished product. And so amazing that your husband is able to do that himself.