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Want to know what this blog is all about? Check out some of my favorite posts:

What Is It About Romance Novels? - Where I explain my undying love for this wondrous genre of popular fiction

Quietly - Where I decide that being an introvert is pretty awesome after all

Thoughts on Freedom and Sandy Hook Elementary - Where I get angry and talk about the Second Amendment

This Is Thirty - Where I muse about 30, six months into this fourth decade of my life.

This Is Thirty-One - Where I muse about turning 31, and what suddenly feels so different.

Today Is Somebody's Birthday - Celebrating eight years of birthdays, in pictures.

The Comfort of Sameness and Jewish Tradition - Where I think about the rituals of Noah Pozner's funeral, and wish his family comfort in their moment of unfathomable loss

Finish Line - Where I enter my final weeks of preparation for my second half-marathon in the shadow of the Boston Marathon bombings

Sandy: One Year Later - Thoughts on the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy

The Final Picture - Mourning the loss of a friendship (but celebrating my very first Yeah Write jury prize win)

The Day I Should Have Eaten Breakfast. And Worn Pants. - A funny snapshot of my most embarrassing moment of all time (and winner of my second Yeah Write jury prize win)

Blind Date - Where I get ready for my very last blind date (and, as it turns out, my very last first date) ever. And to see how it all turned out, see the follow up, Blind Date, Part II

Transition and Nostalgia - Where I ponder buying a house, leaving the city where I lived for almost a decade, and moving on

Farewell, Old Friend - Where I say goodbye to my beloved Central Park on the eve of our more out of Manhattan

Between Light and Darkness, Sacred and Profane - Where I accept the fact that we moved and that it was hard, but finally start to feel at peace with it all

This is Our Home - Where our new place starts to feel like home

Pittsburgh Half-Marathon, Offering Thanks - Where I run my second half marathon in the city of my heart

Dear Sister K - Where my sister has her second baby, and I am proud

Words From a Stranger - Where a strangers words propel me to the finish line of my first half marathon (and in my very first piece of fiction, I made up a back story for that beautiful stranger)

Thoughts at Thirty - Where I turn thirty and look back on the past ten years of change

Happy Birthday Mom - A letter to my mom, on her birthday

"Let Us Tell How Holy This Day Is" - Thoughts on the eve of the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur

There I Was, There We Were - Memories of a wedding day

Beware of the Female Vote - Where CNN does something stupid, and I make fun of them

This Life of Mine - Did you know I am a lawyer? I talk about that here

May Day - A brand new start after a difficult month

On the Joys of Binge Watching TV - Where I reflect on my favorite pastime

Thoughts From a Disenfranchised Republican - Where I am a Republican, but decide I don't know what that even means any longer

Bright Lights, Big City Memories - Going back to the Upper West Side, where my New York adventure began

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