Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Sister L

Once upon a time, my mom was pregnant, and I wanted a brother.

I already had a younger sister, and I thought that one was most certainly enough. So I was none too pleased when my parents called from the hospital with the news that it was a girl. Again.

So the Brinn girl duo became the Brinn girl trio, and still we are. And now I sometimes think about what it would have been like if that baby really had been a boy, and how strange it would have been to have that streak of blue invade our pink world.

And today, that girl has a birthday.

So, to the third and final addition to the Brinn girls. To my romance novel loving soul sister. To my New York City partner-in-crime. To the soon-to-be Ohio-resident, dental student extraordinaire.

I'm glad you weren't a boy.

Happiest of happy birthdays.

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