Friday, November 9, 2012

My Romance Novel Loving Heart Is Singing

It has been a strange two weeks in my world. And by strange, I mean gut-churningly stressful. Between a hurricane, a move, a brand new commute and a snow storm, I am falling on my face exhausted, and so ready for a little down time.

Which is why I was even happier than usual on Tuesday when Nora Roberts released The Perfect Hope, the third book in the Inn Boonsboro trilogy. Now as you know, I buy Nora Roberts and Susan Elizabeth Phillips books the day they come out, without exception, but I often wait until the weekend to read them, so that I can dive in completely, and not emerge until I read the last, always satisfying page.

This weekend will be no exception. 

Today, after leaving work early for observance of the Jewish Sabbath (or Shabbat, as we call it in Hebrew), my plan is to go home, light my candles to bring in Shabbat, put on my most comfortable and cozy clothes, and settle in on our brand new couch for the night, and all of tomorrow.

When I am anxious and stressed, a new Nora Roberts book is balm to my soul.

We may be living in a brand new house, in a brand new town. I may not know exactly where the grocery store is or how to get there. We may still have boxes everywhere, and a kitchen under construction. But I have a comfortable couch, my man, a glorious day ahead of me with nothing planned, and a brand new Nora.

So really, life is good.

My new, cozy, snow covered house


  1. It looks so lovely in the snow. Of course, the snow could have waited a few weeks to show up and decorate . . .

  2. Good for you! And your house looks lovely. :-)

  3. I love your house! Have fun with your book. I love reading all weekend (but almost never do that anymore).