Thursday, April 25, 2013

Get Excited Sports Fans

Don your football jerseys sports fans because today in NYC, the NFL Draft comes to town.

Normally these kids of massive, traffic stopping, crowd inducing events in Midtown Manhattan make me crazy, but not the NFL Draft. 

The Thursday and Friday of the Draft are really fun. There are college football players walking around everywhere, Midtown is ripe for celebrity spotting, the networks set up booths all along Sixth Avenue, and you can buy pretty much any souvenir you would ever want, and hundreds of things you would never, ever need with the NFL logo on it (what, you didn't want a slipcover for your couch that says " NFL Draft 2013?" Because God knows I do).

And anyway, who wouldn't want to step out of their office into an actual red carpet?

Time to start counting down to football season.

218 days until kickoff.

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