Thursday, November 21, 2013

Photo Evidence

So as you may know, I have a little trouble giving blood. I've done it twice in my life, and both times have ended in a bit of a mess. You can read the stories here and here. As I lay there after the second time, 2 weeks ago today, I decided that maybe it's just not for me.

But that didn't stop me from photo-documenting the second experience for posterity. There wasn't a place for pictures in my post yesterday, and since I'm NaBloPoMoing it this month, it seemed like a better idea to post the pictures entirely separately, thereby fulfilling my posting requirements for NaBloPoMo Day 21. Win-Win.

So, here, for your viewing satisfaction, is photo proof of my second blood-donating disaster. A series I like to call, "At Least I Was Wearing Pants"

Cupcake dessert after lunch in preparation for the blood drive.
Or, just an excuse to eat a really good cupcake.

They tried to make the whole thing private.
They failed.

Delightful view of the post-donation snack table from my chair.
Nurse comes over and tells me to uncross legs.
I comply.

Donation goes bad. Legs once again up in the air.

And headrest down. View of the ceiling.

Headrest down even further. Ice packs appear.
Decide to investigate putting recessed lighting in my house.

$5 Starbucks giftcard as a thank you for donating.
For my troubles.

Grande Peppermint Mocha purchased with the aforementioned
Starbucks gift card + 75 of my own cents because who knew you
now needed to take out a mortgage to buy a Starbucks drink?


  1. I've never given blood! It freaks me out for some reason. Good for you. You are braver than me but I want that cupcake. I love cupcakes!!! I don't go to starbuck's but that thing was over $5? Nuts!!!

    I still have to come up with a post for today...

  2. That cupcake looks like good motivation. At least your shoes are cute ;)