Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Slump

It's hot, hazy and humid outside.

And on this blog, I think I might be in a little bit of a summer slump.

When the weather was cooler, the ideas flowed. 

But now that it's hot, I'm feeling a little stuck.

But it's ok. I'm rolling with it.

So until the slump ends, my posts might be shorter, and since I'm doing a lot of weekend traveling over the next two months, and I'm going to let the pictures tell my tales.

This past weekend I flew to Cleveland to spend four days with my sister and her family, and to play with the kiddos. 

Now who, I ask you, could resist faces like these?

Not I.


  1. So cute! I know what you mean - I'll be putting up a lot of puppy pictures b/c I have barely any time to write actual posts!

  2. The heat might have melted my brain. Safe travels!! (Ps, those babies are adorable!!)

  3. BABIES!! So adorable, I want to pinch their cheeks...
    I relate to the summer slump. I mean, I have the ideas, just the heat exacerbates my laziness...ugh. Happy trails to you!