Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How You Know You've Got A Good One, In Ten Easy Steps

Today is David's birthday.

So, in honor of the day that the world was blessed with the presence of this hilarious, unique and interesting man, I present to you the top ten ways you know you've good a good one in your life.

Happy, happy birthday David. I got the best one.

1. You walk into your house one day to find a full sized R2-D2 that he built himself.

He loves it.

And then he helps little kids play with it, just for fun

2. When the occasion calls for it, he dresses up like Indiana Jones:

And Captain America

3. He turns this

Into this

All by himself.

4. He grills

Even in the rain

Before heading out to the midnight showing of the new Superman movie, in a vintage Superman t-shirt, natch

5. He doesn't even blink when you turn your apartment into a veritable library of romance novels.

And then do the same thing to your house.

6. He shares with you a love of TV so soul deep that you regularly watch full seasons of shows together in a single weekend, on a TV this big:

Because when it comes to home entertainment, he doesn't mess around.

7. He takes you to a Pittsburgh Steelers playoff game for your birthday, and sits outside for five hours in below zero temperatures because you think it's fun.

8. After various plumbing disasters from which you now suffer from PTSD, he goes down to the basement every single day to check on things so that you don't have nightmares of dripping pipes and flooded floors.

9. He can fix your computer

10. He picks out the best toy ever for your niece, so she has something fun to play with while everyone is focused on her new baby brother.

And she loves it, of course.

And for the bonus round...

Because when he was little, he looked like this:


  1. This is one of the sweetest lists ever! What a lovely way to take the challenge and personalize it so much! Now, can we clone him?

  2. I love this, Sam! Happy birthday to your bestest boy!

  3. I love this! All of these things are really quite impressive. And I'm so glad another couple loves TV as much as Zach and I do. lol Happy birthday to your main guy!! I hope it's great!!

    1. Oh yeah, we are pretty much TV obsessed. We just marathoned House of Cards and Falling Skies, and now I'm campaigning for Breaking Bad. The fun never ends.

  4. Very sweet! He sounds like a keeper!!! Liked that you included pics.

  5. :) Happy Birthday to your bestest guy

  6. Happy Birthday to your Super Hero! This was so sweet and fun to read.

  7. I love the way you used pictures in this list post. He sounds like a keeper!

  8. David is awesome. That deck is stunning.

  9. Whatta man, whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man... I feel like that song should have been playing in the background. Otherwise, lovely list! Happy birthday to your man!


  10. Stopping by from YeahWrite 31dbbb.

    1- Can I come over and play with R2D2?
    6- Awesome! Some shows need to be watched all at once, not once a week!!
    9- Can I borrow him? I'll bring him right back... ;)
    10- Aww

    Great post!

  11. You had me at Captain America .Is he for real? Because I love him.

  12. r2 and indiana and superhero rolled into one!! awesome!!

  13. What a sweet list! Sounds like you definitely got a keeper. Happy birthday to your hubby!

  14. What a great post!!! I loved all the photos. He's a keeper.
    Happy Birthday to David!

  15. He sounds amazing! Does he have an older brother?

  16. I'm catching up on your posts, so bear with me! But knowing what you've shared about your love story? I adore this, so much. ps - about his "I void warranties" shirt, tell him I own one that says, "There's no place like". :)