Monday, July 15, 2013

Beach Weekend

I'm tan and everything I own smells like sunscreen. So in my head, I'm still at the beach.

This past weekend, we celebrated my best friend's impending wedding with a trip to a beach resort on Cape Cod

Celebrations got underway Thursday night with pizza at my house, accompanied by a midnight viewing of the amazing Pitch Perfect and a ferociously late bedtime. Bleary-eyed, we packed up the car with the essentials:

Hit Dunkin' Donuts for coffee, and got on the road.

Three hours, forty minutes and one I-95 rest stop later, we made a quick detour for some additional essentials:

Then made it to our beachfront hotel where we were greeted with this view:

Not too shabby.

And the view from the back porch of our lake-side room? Spectacular.

A beach-side lunch was the first order of business:

Followed by some serious beach-sitting and reading time:

As the sun started to go down, it turned cold. When we were packing, none of us considered a sweatshirt a necessary item for a beach vacation, so the cool weather gave us the opportunity to hunt up some delightful Cape Cod swag:

I can't take pictures on Saturday because of Shabbat, but Saturday's activities included an early morning yoga class on the beach, pina coladas on the beach, snacks on the beach, reading on the beach, dancing The Macarena, The Electric Slide, Cotton-Eyed Joe and Cha-Cha Slide with a bunch of little kids, and a twilight swim.

Saturday night we got all dressed up and spent the night in Hyannis, eating dinner and celebrating the bachelorette:

And then getting stopped at a sobriety checkpoint on the way back to the hotel:

When we woke up Sunday morning our room looked like this:

Evidence of a weekend well-spent. Also proof that we packed way too much, and didn't make a mistake by buying the fancy plastic wine cups at the grocery store on Thursday night.

M, it was our greatest pleasure to spend the weekend celebrating with you. We all wish we were still on the beach.


  1. You all look so happy.

  2. This looks like so much fun! I'm jealous.

  3. I love the Cape! Glad you had fun. And I love your dress too!

  4. Looks like a great time. I'd love to go Cape Cod someday.

  5. This looks like a blast. You're like the Kennedy's! I love it.