Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Writer's Roots

A little over a year into this blogging gig, I sometime think about what got me here. What is it in my past that has given me the need to put words on paper. To share pieces of myself with the world. Because it is more than just something I want to do. Over the past year, I have come to understand that, for me, writing is more of a necessity. A way to think and to process, to discover and to dream.

The fabulous Erin Margolin has been exploring the idea of "writer's roots" on her blog. Every week she has a blogger guest post about what started them down their writing path, and this week, that blogger is me.

So head on over to her site and read my piece about my writer's roots, my reader's soul, and my freakishly early grasp of the English language.

Thanks for having me, Erin. Stay warm and dry, and enjoy your snow.


  1. I commented over at Erin's site, but just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading your story.

  2. It took me to comment on this post and over at Erin's page. But I finally did. It was so great to see you featured over there!!