Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lady in Red

She swept off the train, skirts swirling. She must have been at least six feet tall, but she walked with purpose, her crimson jacket swaying with the shimmy of her hips. Her high heels tapped a staccato beat on the concrete of the train platform, and her shiny hat tipped jauntily to the right, the perfect topper for her flowing raven hair.

I hung back to take a picture, in awe of this supremely confident stranger.

And found myself thinking of her the rest of the day, and smiling.

Thank you, Lady in Red.


  1. I really love the imagery! And where do I get one of those jackets?

  2. Fun people-watching! I love observations like that...

  3. I LOVE to people watch...anywhere. What a stunning sight to see. Lucky you!!!

  4. This made me wonder about her story.