Sunday, March 17, 2013

Thirty Years of Friendship and a Very Special Birthday

We met when she was hours old.

If you want to get technical, we really met months before that.

Our moms have been best friends since middle school, and nothing would do but that they have their first kids together.

So they did.

I was born in January, and R made her appearance on St. Patrick's Day, 1983.

So today. Today we celebrate her 30th birthday, and 30 years of friendship.

And there will be presents, and phone calls and dinner and more. But most importantly, there will be two girls with a beautiful shared history, and a future inextricably linked.

Happy birthday R. Here's to us, and to the next 30. Love you.

Pregnant moms, December 1982


  1. How wonderful to have such a long friendship and to still have so many photos from over the years. Happy birthday to your friend Rachel and happy belated to you.

  2. Happy Birthday to you both! What a neat history you two have. Love the pictures ;)

  3. I just love this! And those photos are priceless.

  4. What a beautiful thing to have a lifelong friendship. That is really, really special. Happy birthday to you both.

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  6. How awesome is that?! And what great pictures. A whole new meaning to "growing up together."

  7. So great! A friend for life is a treasure. I love the pictures. Happy birthday to you and to your lifelong friend!

  8. Amazing!! There's nothing like an old friend who know you when and will know you then.. beautiful photos. :)