Friday, September 21, 2012

Special Friday

More NYC memories on this Friday...

The first fall that D and I were dating, I had just started my third year of law school. I didn't have class on Friday, so he would take the mornings off to be with me. We would meet at the bagel store to pick up breakfast and we took it to this gazebo on the lake in Central Park, where we would sit for hours. It was on those benches that we really got to know each other and, dare I say, got to know ourselves.

We called it Special Friday.

I passed the gazebo this morning on my run in the Park. It is unusual for those benches to be empty, even so early in the morning, but today they were. When I stopped to take this picture, for a moment I could see us as we were five years ago. And with that picture in my head, I continued on towards home.

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