Monday, September 9, 2013

Upper West Side Memories

Early yesterday morning, I found myself standing on my old Upper West Side block.

After living in the neighborhood for seven years, every street has some significance to me, but this block, 72nd Street between Broadway and West End Avenue, is the most important of them all.

This is the block where I met my man. Where I learned to live, and where I fell in love.

This is the block where I got engaged and where "I" became "we."

This is the block I returned to after I got married, and where we started to build our brand new life.

This is the block where we decided it was time to move on, to find out what comes next.

This is the block where we weathered the storm.

This is the block where a big green moving truck parked last fall, ready to take our stuff to our new suburban home.

This is the block we drove away from, feeling twin tugs of sadness and sweetness.

This is the block that I missed, desperately, in those first few months away.

This is the one block in the city that, no matter how long I am away, will always be mine.


  1. You know this gives me so much hope with my recent move. It looks so freaking exciting to have lived there. On my bucket list: living in Manhattan for a year.

  2. Loved the sharing of your proposal story ... for obvious reasons. :)

  3. I love New York, and I love the Upper West Side. If I had lived there, I wouldn't ever relinquish it, either. ;)