Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Weird Week

As seen on my way to work. The sign couldn't make up its mind

Stop or go?

Anyone else feeling this particular brand of confused this week?

Maybe its daylight savings time, or the fact that I was alone in my house for eight days and not sleeping too terribly well, or the wild roller coaster New York weather, but this week seems never ending, sluggish, and a little bit strange. 

I know its only Thursday, but I am already looking forward to this weekend so I can sleep off the exhaustion, read some good books, and purge the weirdness of this week with a long, sweaty run along my new favorite trail.

Just counting the time until my 4:00 train home tomorrow afternoon.

27 Hours, 50 minutes to go.


  1. This week is so odd, that picture is perfect for it. I'm with you, bring on the weekend!

  2. I am having trouble getting past dragging myself out of bed in the dark!