Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Company Was Born

It was just before we got married that he came up with the idea. 

He had spent the year before perfecting a more powerful, more versatile and less expensive version of the Microsoft Surface, which he called the mTouch. The mTouch was a multitouch coffee table that functioned like a giant iPhone, and it had garnered some pretty serious attention. So, one weekend in August of 2010, I flew to Pittsburgh for my bridal shower and he flew to Los Angeles, where he would spend the next few days showcasing his tables at the ESPN X-Games.

And while he was there, ESPN asked if he could allow people to Check-in in Four-Square, Follow them on Twitter and "Like" things on Facebook straight from the tents at the Games. But the Apps were slow, Wi-Fi not readily available, and it took far too long for every visitor to log in using the mTouch.

And he thought, wouldn't it be great if these people could "Like," "Follow," and "Check-In" instantly?

A few weeks later, a company was born. He called it Social Passport.

And in the past three years, Social Passport has grown into a complete social marketing platform for retailers with methods to drive traffic and reward customers, and with a point-of-sale terminal that revolutionizes the way retailers do business.

I married an entrepreneur, and I am crazy proud.

And this month he's taking Social Passport on the road. 

First it was this booth at the International Restaurant show at the Jacob Javitz Convention center. 

And as soon as the show closed last night, he packed up the booth and got it ready for its next stop.

Because today. Today he is on his way to the airport with his booth to catch a flight to Austin where he will be setting it up at the South by Southwest Festival Trade show.

I wish I could be there too but, alas, I have to work, so I'll be in New York, keeping the home fires burning. But if you happen to be in the Austin area starting on Sunday, head on over to Booth 627 at the show and check it out. 

Tell him I said hi, and pick up one of these rockin' t-shirts.

D. Wishing you lots of luck. You make me proud, every single day. As always, I'm amazed.


  1. That is amazing!! How exciting! Also, I want one of those shirts. lol

  2. So cool!!!!!!! I'm with Ashley! Gotta have that shirt. Uh huh!