Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Scenes: A Road Trip, Family, And A Bridal Shower

This past weekend we road tripped back to Maryland where my sisters, my mom and I were hosting a Sunday morning bridal shower for one of my cousins who will be walking down this aisle to marry her man this August.

It was a beautiful weekend capped off by a beautiful morning of women gathered together to shower the bride with wishes for the very best of everything.

And as I stood behind my aunt's living room couch handing off presents to the bride-to-be, I took a long look around. My cousin sitting in her bridal throne next to her mom - my dad's sister. My grandmother sitting quietly in the corner of the room, smiling as she watched her fourth granddaughter open presents. My mom sitting on the couch, laughing with her two sisters. My phone buzzing with text messages from my sisters and some other cousins who couldn't be there in person but wanted a play-by-play of the action. My cousin's fiance coming back at the end of the shower, flowers and stunning necklace in hand. David and my dad chatting as the men returned from their morning exile and the shower drew to a close.

All the most important people in my life in the very same room - in person and in spirit. And I thought, not for the first time, how lucky I am that these people are my people. That I get to have them as family and as friends. That we get to share all of the moments - small and large - that make up our lives.

Mazel tov, J&J. Thanks for finding each other so we could have these weekends together. August can't come soon enough.

Trip down - top down

Vodka bar because, of course


My mom and her sisters

Mom and dad

Party clothes off, getting ready for long drives home

Taking the scenic route home. A little bit of a longer drive, but infinitely worth it.

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