Thursday, January 23, 2014

(Another) Snow Storm

Because I apparently can't get enough of posting snow pictures this winter...

I sat at my desk on Tuesday, waiting and waiting. The storm had started earlier than expected, and it was getting bad. Everyone at work was getting antsy, especially people who had to do more than just hop on a subway home. The hours dragged by, and still nothing. No e-mail from the head of the firm with that magical subject line: "New York office closing early."

And me? I wasn't worried about getting home, I assumed that I would make it somehow. I was mostly just excited about the possible early dismissal from work, the same way I used to be excited when school closed early for snow and an afternoon of snowball fights, snow angels, hot chocolate and cookies stretched before me like a long and endless road.

And then, at 2:15, it came.

And suddenly, I was ten years old again.

I packed up my stuff, put on my boots, and hit the streets. Everywhere I walked people were slipping and sliding and complaining about it. Bemoaning the seemingly interminable stretch of snow that we have been getting lately. But not me. I made my way to Grand Central on foot as the snow swirled. With nowhere to go in a hurry I took my time, enjoying the rare site of the city covered in white, snapping pictures all the way.

I guess I should probably be sick of it by now, but I'm just not. I'm a winter girl, and this is the best time of the year.

January 21, 2014.

Usually I can see New Jersey from my office window.
Not today.

Snow-covered 6th Avenue

Impassable 50th Street
(although it was fun watching a cab try)

Slippery 5th Avenue, South

Slippery 5th Avenue, North

Deserted Rockefeller Plaza

Driving Home. Can't See Lanes.

More than a foot

My favorite snowstorm view


  1. I'm starting to think you are orchestrating these storms for your own amusement ;)

  2. I am glad someone likes winter because I really don't. All this snow is bumming me out. Not to mention the polar vortex temps. This is the coldest winter since I've been here. Waaahhhhhh.