Monday, May 4, 2015

(Almost) Summer Afternoons Are the Best of All

I've been a little bit absent these past couple months from these pages. There has been a lot going on and the truth is, I needed a little break, mostly to breathe and to process all the craziness and change and things that have been happening in my life. I'm not sure exactly how many different things one person can work with before it's just too much, but I'll tell you that I have come awfully close to figuring it out over the past bunch of weeks. 

But it's a brand new month now and I've shed most of the things and kept the important stuff like, you know, the growing of a baby, I have things to say and stories to tell.

But first this.

This was the first really beautiful, feels almost like summer weekend in New York. So we spent most of the weekend outside. We did some gardening (and by we did some gardening, I mean, David blew the leaves and mowed the lawn and seeded and fertilized and all that jazz while I sat on the deck with a book and a drink), we cleaned up from a freezing cold winter, and we set up out outdoor couch which has been sadly cushionless and snow covered for the past five months.

And then we spend the rest of the afternoon sitting on it, while I took pictures of my most favorite view: pretty much whatever I can see from under my giant umbrella.

Simple afternoons, the ones that remind you that summer is just around the corner, where there is sun and books and drinks and birds and nothing to do but sit and take it all in, are the best afternoons of all.


  1. It is about time everything prettied up. This was a snowy winter.

    My big thing on a sunny day is to take a ride in the country and look at the wildflowers. I like how when one does its thing, another one pops up. Golden Ragweed, Fleabane and Sweet Pea adorn the roads now.

  2. One day I will sit with you under that umbrella. <3