Monday, December 30, 2013

Weekend Moments

A snow-blower shows up on my front porch.

David is now the proud owner of an R2-D2 cell phone car charger.

And a jacket with battery operated heating coils inside of it.

My sisters come to visit and we sneak the best snacks into the 
movies in our big, big bags.

And bottles of water inside of our jackets.

Target is already selling Valentines Day cards, even though
the date when this picture was taken was December 29th.

I care more about the Kansas City-San Diego game than any other non-Steelers
game ever. The refs miss a penalty call. The Steelers miss the playoffs.


  1. You have to sneak snacks into a movie, otherwise you have to take out a second mortgage for gross ones. Hope you had a great time!

  2. Wait. Valentine's Day already? Gag me.