Monday, December 23, 2013

An Ode To Sisters

I sometimes think about what life would be like if I had a brother. And I can't imagine it. Because for me, it has always been about sisters. Two of them to be exact. And we are, and have always been, the Brinn girls.

When things are good, when things are not so good, and for all those times in between, it is my sisters who fill in those missing pieces of myself. Who pick me up when I'm down, celebrate with me, and walk by my side always through the twists and turns of life's path.

Every girl needs a sister, of this, I am certain. I'm not sure I would make any sense at all if not for mine.

They have given me brothers and babies that I love, and they love the man I chose. And together, we are not just family, but friends. 

And this week. This week is the very best of all. Because as you may know, both of my sisters live in Ohio, and even though we get to see each other lots, it is never, ever enough. But this week, the Brinn girls are taking NY by storm. They are staying with me, and for the next six days, my house will be the very best kind of crazy. And I am so, so happy about that.

K and L, nothing, nothing, without you.


  1. Have a wonderful time!!!! No sisters :-( but a few friends that feel like it.

  2. That sounds like it's going to be such a fun time! Enjoy!

  3. Ya'll are so stinking cute. I heard that if you have a sister you are happier than people without sisters. Glad I got one!