Friday, August 16, 2013

Two Years Later. The Universe Was Right

Two years ago today I walked through the doors of my law firm for the first time, anxiety-ridden and scared to death. I had never really considered a Big Law career, but I all of a sudden found myself a lawyer in one of the biggest law firms at all.

It took me almost six months to get used to life here but finally, aided by a fabulous office-mate who became my very first work friend, it started to feel comfortable and, dare I say, like normal.

And today. Today I write this sitting at my big desk in my big office, doing good work. Work I like. Work I am proud to be able to do.

Sometimes I look around and wonder how I got here. Here, to this giant firm in the middle of Midtown Manhattan, when I had decided long ago to build my career in smaller places, along a decidedly less glamorous path.

But in the past two years I have learned that we can plan and plan all we want, but that sometimes the universe has other things in store for us. And for me, the universe decided that I should be here, in this place.

And you know what?

The universe was right.


  1. You are so lucky. SO LUCKY. And by that I don't mean you don't deserve it or haven't worked hard. What I mean is that to find yourself in exactly the place you want to be is a fantastic feeling! It makes me happy and makes me believe one day I might find the same. :)

    1. You will! There is no doubt. It took me 3 years after I graduated from law school to finally get here, and another almost year in my first before I felt totally comfortable. It's definitely a process.

  2. So much joy and happiness for you, Sam. You deserve it.