Monday, August 19, 2013

Picture Perfect

I have a new obsession.

It started last weekend when I was in Cleveland visiting my sisters. Sister K mentioned that she had joined Instagram, and that she couldn't wait to start taking pictures. I have to admit, that up until that point, I didn't totally get the whole Instagram phenomenon. I mean, why take a picture and then change everything about it? What's the big deal with filtering and hash-tagging? Why would you intentionally want to make a picture look like it came from the 1970s?

I had an Instagram profile, but I set it up about a year ago and then promptly forgot about it. But when my sisters told me that they had started using it, I figured I would give it another try, if for no other reason than my sisters both live kind of far away from me right now, and I thought it might be another fun way to keep up with them.

Well. Turns out, second time's a charm. Because before long, everything became an Instagrammable moment. I have been walking around with my phone in my hand, ready at a moment's notice to snap the pictures that I could then turn into masterpieces with a few taps on my phone. Potential subjects are everywhere, and my brain screams "FILTER ALL THE THINGS!" 

It's possible that my love for Instagram might be a symptom of my obsessive personality rather than because Instagram is so amazing, but I'm going for it nonetheless.

If you are so inclined, come visit me on Instagram, and, for your viewing pleasure, here is a sample of what I have posted so far:


  1. AND, we can high-five each other with sweaty selfie pics post-run! :) Loving your pics and that it's another way to keep up with your awesome self. xo

  2. Ooooh! I love instagram! Though I have to say I don't fully "get it" yet. Especially the filters. Maybe I just need to spend more time with it... Though arguably I don't need another hobby to get binge-y with but if everyone else is doing it... ;-p

    1. I don't totally get the filters either, but I'm just going with it, and kind of copying what everyone else does :)

  3. I love Instagram!!!! I don't fully get it either. I follow a fun artist-- Neil Kramer, and his profile is something like neilochka. Check him out. It's amaze balls.

  4. I just found you on IG and requested follow. I love IG!!