Monday, January 7, 2013


Every now and then I miss my old morning routine. The one where I wake up in my Manhattan apartment at 8:30am (on non-running days), and leave at 9 to be sitting at my desk at 9:15. The one that required little effort on my part, and allowed me to practically sleep-walk to work. 

There were obviously things about this routine that were not so good. Like the fact that I could rarely find anything I needed in my teeny-tiny closet. Or the fact that we only had one bathroom that was in our bedroom so I could not possibly get ready for work without waking David up. Or the unpredictable elevators in our building that, more often than not, got stuck for a few minutes between floors 1 and 2, usually when I was sharing the elevator with someone's big, shaggy, drooling dog. Or the absolutely inhuman subway commute. Or the mayhem that greeted me at the front door to my apartment building as the city awoke to meet a new day.

But the 15 minute door-to-door trip is really hard to beat.

And some mornings - like this morning - I wake up already overwhelmed by the magnitude of my commute to work. Not that it's a long trip, but I definitely have to be wide awake to conquer it so that I don't accidentally kill anyone with my car on my drive to the Metro North stop about a mile from my house. And some mornings - like this morning - I'm just not in the mood to be that wide awake. 

Staying up late last night for movie night was probably not my best move, but when we were piling on the couch with blankets, pillows, snacks and a fire in the fireplace I wasn't thinking about 7am. And once I fell asleep, 7am came awfully quickly. So this morning when I walked out of my house I was exhausted, and thinking longingly of my 15 minute commute of latter day.

But as I walked towards my car to start my day I looked up, and saw that view. The trees rising against a backdrop of clouds, rising sun, colorful sky and silence stopped me in my tracks. And in that moment, my exhaustion melted away and I was grateful. 

City living doesn't come with views like this. 


  1. You are absolutely right Samantha. I love my 15 minute commute to work from our city condo. What do I love even more? The view of the ocean from our Maine cottage! The best of both worlds. Paul and I made a decision to go with small homes in both places instead of one larger place. I recommend it to anyone that can swing it!

    By the way, beautiful sunrise!

  2. I've never lived in a city, always a rural community. Right now I live in an area of older cottages that have been renovated for year round. Small, kind of shabby - but quiet. And, I'm lucky enough to be a 15 minute drive from work.

  3. I miss living in the city. It's been 20 years and now I'm used to quiet village/suburban life but I still long for it...until I see something like your picture. It's a message to you! I love those cold, movie, blanket, couch and popcorn nights!

  4. I love that view. I have lived in and outside of the city so I know both sides. There is something to be said for the view of the "country."

  5. I grew up in a small (very small!) town and couldn't wait to get out. I lived in Chicago for 7 years and one year I even enjoyed a 15 minute walking commute. That said, I absolutely love the suburbs and even long for small-town life at times.