Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sometimes When It's Raining We Sit Outside Anyway

I really don't want this summer to end.

Seeing as my love of fall and winter has been well documented in these pages, that's kind of a strange thing for me to say, but that doesn't make it any less true.

Because this summer has been magic.

After a tough spring, these past three months have been exactly what I needed. Three months of good weather, family time, and reading books on my outdoor couch. Of barbecues, friends, and quiet time. Of enjoying the home that we have worked so hard to build. Of getting happy again. Of finding myself after months of feeling a little lost.

And this past weekend, we bid farewell to summer. It will still be pretty hot for the next couple of weeks, and there is plenty of outside time left before the leave fall and the first snowflakes make their appearance, but the abundance of "back to school" pictures on Facebook today tell me that the season is well and truly over.

So, you may ask how I spent the last three days of summer. I spent it at home, outside, in the living room we built on our yard; alone, with David, with family and with friends. Day and night. In sunshine and in rain.

And it was just absolutely perfect.


  1. You have the most beautiful backyard oasis.

  2. I don't want the summer to end either. I've been thinking this very thing - that I'm going to continue to sit outside...in my sweater. In protest of the changing seasons, even though I love Fall, but...I'm SO afraid of winter after last year. Your deck looks so wonderfully inviting.