Monday, August 25, 2014

Telling The Other Side Of The Story

There are so many column inches being used, and words being written, about the dire situation that Israel finds itself in these past months, and about the anti-Semitism that is spreading around the globe at frightening speed. 

Some of those column inches and words have been mine.

But lost in the fear and anger, the debate and the fight is another story. A story about a people that perseveres and survives against all odds. About a people that takes care of its own. That ensures that no one is ever alone. About a religion that provides safety, security and community around the world. About the time and time again in its history that it has fought and won.

Without a doubt, the fight for Israel's survival and the struggle against anti-Semitism are of utmost importance. But also of importance is the story of this people. Our people.

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