Thursday, June 19, 2014

Date Night As The Sun Sets

Week nights in our house are relatively predictable, and just the way we like them. We both work longish hours, and are rarely home together at the same time before 7:30 at night.

By the time we shuffle home we are tired, hungry, and eager to get out of work clothes and get to the relaxation portion of the day. Luckily, we are both serious TV lovers, so our nights generally involve dinner while watching one or more of our overlapping shows.

Both of our jobs involve a great deal of talking to other people during the day, and at night we are just burned out. A few hours spent together not talking is exactly what we need.

This is how our weeknights have looked for nearly all of the seven years we have been together, and definitely for all of the four years we have been married. It works for us.

But every now and then, a change in pace is just exactly right.

Like last night.

Last night we decided to go out. Yesterday was a ferociously hot day, but last night was a gorgeous night. So we jumped in the car, put the top down and headed to a nearby Westchester town with a strip of restaurants along the Hudson River.

We chose one with seating right on the water, and got our table just as the sun was starting to set. For a few hours we sat and we ate and we talked and we spent a summer night the way that summer nights are meant to be.

Not bad for a random Wednesday. Not bad at all.

View From The Table

Hello GWB

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