Friday, February 28, 2014

Summer Dreaming On Such A Winter's Day

I think, I really think, that it will be winter for the rest of my life. And I say that as someone who loves winter.

But this winter is unlike any other. And I say that as someone who grew up in Pittsburgh, PA with its lake effect snow, and who went to college in Boston, MA and its frigid New England temps.

Today is the last day of February, daylight savings time starts next weekend, and we are a mere 20 days from the first day of spring. Yet the temperatures outside feel like negative numbers, and we are expecting another foot of snow on Monday.

And I think that if I have to shovel snow, or spread salt, or drag garbage cans to the curb through iced over snow drifts, or put on a wool sweater, or drag on boots one more time I might scream.

And it makes me feel bad, because winter and I have always been good friends. Maybe it comes from having a January birthday, but I have always loved the cold. I love being outside in it. I love soup and chili and cozy nights in front of the fireplace. I love ice skating and various other outdoor winter sports. I love running outside and breathing in frigid morning air. I love the way my house looks covered in snow.

I really love winter.

But those warm and fuzzy feelings are escaping me this year as the cold and snow drags on with no end in sight.

So I have decided that my winter ends now. Today. Yes, it may be freezing outside with more snow in the forecast, but I am pretending like that's not happening. For me, today is the first day of spring. The wild cheery Slurpee I just had said so.

I know that in a few months when it's dreadfully hot outside I'll be dreaming of colder days.

But for now, I declare winter over. 

Who's with me?


  1. OMG PLEASE!! I'm cold inside out. You know how hard it is for me? I'm wrapped in blankets inside eating my ice cream shivering. It's just no good. And really, if the pittsburgh gal throws in the towel, it's time.

  2. I totally agree that this winter feels like it will never, ever end. I'm not a fan of winter to begin with, but the only plus side of a winter as horrible as this one is that when the temps are in the 20s now, it feels warm and almost spring-like, and we get a mere 5-6 inches of snow, it feels like nothing. I hear one local newscaster here in Chicago call it the "Winter of Woe." That about sums it up for me.

  3. I just can't anymore. I can't deal, I can't function, I can't not cry. I hate being cold and I hate winter and this winter is just too, too much. I read 16" for Monday and I feel sick. I know when it's going to finally warm up: We are planning a trip to California in April. I am willing to bet that the week we are gone will be the first really nice week. Because that's my luck.