Monday, May 20, 2013

What If I Told All My Stories?

Sometimes, this blank screen terrifies me.

The cursor blinks, sometimes mocking, sometimes encouraging.

I think about it as soon as my eyes open in the morning, and I wonder what kind of day it will be.

Will it be a day when the words flow, wild and free? 

Or one where the words are stuck in the endless ether between head and hands?

Or worse, one where there are no words at all?

The words are coming slower lately.

And I know that this is normal. 

That this thing we call writing can be both friend and foe.

But sometimes, somewhere deep down, when the words and ideas refuse to come, I can't help but wonder. 

And worry.

What if I have no more stories left to tell?


  1. I think you touched on the fear of many a writer.

  2. It seems impossible that the stories will always be there, but then we live life, and stories keep making themselves. I always find it fascinating how one day I could write and write and never run out of words, and then the next day, no matter what I try to write, it refuses to cooperate.

  3. Oh, how I identify with your post! I have to say, the best part about reading blog posts from fellow writers is that we all touch on this subject -- in a way it should assuage our fears of writer's block. And it least temporarily. :)

  4. They're definitely coming slowly for me today. I hate weeks like that!

  5. Oh, you know I identify with this!! Good luck. I'm still not quite out of mine, though I had a small breakthrough last week.

    Hope to hear more from you soon!

  6. I'm there right now. It's terrifying on so many levels. Ugh.

  7. This is EXACTLY how I'm feeling at this very moment, for weeks (maybe months)! I just wrote something similar on Sunday. It scares me because I've always had words and stories. Maybe I have to go out and live a little first then come back and write. Hang in there and remember, whenever/whatever you write, we read!