Monday, October 7, 2013

"Celebrate Me Home"

I am thinking of the words to all the best farewell songs from the American Idol seasons, and a video montage is playing in my head.

Because, alas, I was the first of the Top 13 voted off of Blogger Idol last week.

When a contestant is voted off of American Idol, they sing their farewell. When a contestant is voted off of Blogger Idol they, appropriately, write their farewell.

So this morning, I sat down and wrote my farewell to the competition while Ruben Studdard's Celebrate Me Home wafted out of my computer speakers.

At first I was embarrassed that I was the first one voted out. I thought that maybe I hadn't written a good enough piece, or wasn't taking the competition as seriously as the other 12. So for some time on Friday, as all of the conciliatory Facebook messages came rolling in, I went dark and absorbed the news.

But after I pulled it together I realized that none of what I was thinking was true. I wrote a piece I was proud of and was lucky enough to have been chosen for a competition alongside some writers and bloggers that I admire.

So really, things were good.

So this week I am now officially a Blogger Idol alum, and will follow the competition for the next 11 weeks until one of the other of the top 13 receive their Blogger Idol crown.

And I'm happy.

Because I was number 13 out of more than 200. And that isn't bad at all.


  1. Not bad at all! So proud of you.

  2. Super proud of you for trying and for getting on there. Seriously. It's a big ass deal. It doesn't change how much we love you and will be cheering on your writing, your running and your life!

  3. Oh No! I'm appalled. Truly. I thought that your post was great. And your last line is so true. You should definitely be proud to have been chosen in the first place and for putting yourself out there.

  4. I think congratulations are in order for taking this risk. You're already a rock star to me!

  5. So proud of you for putting yourself out there! 13th is amazing!!