Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This is Courage

There is something intensely personal about why we watch the morning shows we watch. I know people who are staunch Today viewers. I have friends who can't start their morning without a dose of whatever CBS This Morning or the PIX-11 news is dishing out.

For me, it is Good Morning America.

Some of my very first memories are of starting my days with GMA. Every morning when I would come down for breakfast my parents had the tiny kitchen TV tuned to Charles Gibson and Joan Lunden. When I was in high school it was Charles Gibson and Diane Sawyer, in law school Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts, and a month after I started my first post-law school job, it became Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos, with a little Lara Spencer, Josh Elliott and Sam Champion on the side.

Each and every morning I start my day with them, and over the past twenty-five or so years, they have come to feel like family.

So six years ago when, with her sisters and Diane Sawyer by her side, Robin announced on-air that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, I cried right along with her. I followed her journey, was awed by her strength, and celebrated when her treatments were over and she returned to work, as graceful and beautiful as ever.

And this past June, when Robin went public with her new fight, I was once again in front of my TV and, along with millions of others across the country, I joined #TeamRobin and was with her every step of the way. I mourned with her when she lost her mother, prayed with her as she recovered from her bone marrow transplant, updated my information in the bone marrow donation registry, and celebrated once again when she returned to work last week.

She is a shining example of what it means to be your very best self, and I am thrilled to once again be starting my mornings with her.

Welcome back Robin, and thanks for the constant reminder to seek out Light, Love, Power and Presence.

We have learned from you to be strong, be brave, be happy, smile, fight and hope.

This is courage.

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  1. Well said. Robin Roberts has grace and decorum. She is embracing life, and living fierce!