Friday, October 5, 2012

Central Park Views

Sometimes it's hard to see the signs of fall in New York City. In this concrete jungle where I have lived these past seven years, trees are few and far between, and never seem to turn those riotous shades of red and orange that signal the changing of the seasons.

But if you frequent Central Park, as I do, the changing of the seasons is more apparent. Three or four days a week I run in the park. During all four seasons, in all kinds of weather, you can find me circling the loops. Lately, as summer turns to fall, and my time in the city comes to a close, I have been paying far more attention to the changes taking place around me. 

It is a beautiful time of year for Central Park. When I walk down this hill into the park I feel transported to a different place in time. Vibrant leaves, spicy scents, and crisp air abound. 

As I enter my last four weeks as a resident of Manhattan, I find myself drawn to the park even more often than normal. It will be these fall park views that will stick in my mind and stay with me as I make my way towards my new home.


  1. I love New York. It is a cliche to say that, I know. But I do. It seems like a city where anything can and does happen. Where are you going?

    1. It is definitely a place unlike any other...My husband and I bought a house in White Plains, about 20 miles north of NYC, and we are moving at the end of the month. I am still going to be working in the city, but it will definitely be strange for a little while not to live here anymore.