Friday, September 14, 2012

New York City Views

72nd Street subway station at sunset. One of my favorite views.

Lately I have been capturing a lot of my favorite Manhattan moments for posterity. Our days living in this city are numbered (more on that later), and I've been feeling more than a little nostalgic about our Upper West Side home.

Look for some more of these views over the next weeks as our life in NYC winds down. There are a lot of moments that happen in seven years, and I have strange urge to capture every one of them before we make our way towards our next adventure.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, me too! I actually have a love/hate relationship with living in the city, but since I'll be moving in a few weeks, lately it's been all love for this delightful borough.

  2. Lovely photo. Looking forward to hearing about what may be in store for you.

    1. Thanks Christie. My husband and I bought a house in Westchester County, so we will be moving at the end of October. I'll still be working in Manhattan, but it definitely won't be the same...

  3. Greatest city in the world. I haven't spent nearly enough time there.