Thursday, April 26, 2012

Growing Together

We took this picture just a few weeks ago. We were on vacation. Young. Wild. Free. Nearly two years into our married life. The life we are building. The future we are creating. Together.

I look at this picture, and I think. I think about that life and that future. And what it will hold. I think about our plans. Our hopes. Our dreams. Our wishes. 

We are young now. So young. And there is so much ahead in this good life. Our life. So many milestones we have yet to reach. 

One day we will look back on those milestones reached, and marvel at how quickly time passes. But I am not afraid to age. To grow older. Not afraid of what the years will bring. I look forward to it. Hope for it. Embrace it. Because we will make that journey together.

And perhaps one day when we are old we will sit side-by-side. And we will hold hands. And we will look at this picture and other pictures like this, and we will remember. We will remember how it felt to be young, and wild, and free. And we will smile. At a life well lived. A good life. Spent together.

Today's post is part of the Momalom Five for Five. The topic is Age.


  1. Awe! I look forward to growing old with my man, too. It is not only romantic, but it is a privilege.

    Loved this sweet post.


  2. Growing old together is such a blessing. (Also, I couldn't help but smile at the image and sweet words juxtaposed to the song playing in my head ... which was "Young, Wild, and Free" as performed by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa - video: ;)

  3. I pray you never ever lose that willingness to step boldly into the tomorrows. It is such a gift to have that kind of willing spirit.

  4. It is bold, as Hyacynth says, to look at a photo and see the future. I love your different view. Enjoy your journey together!

  5. So sweet! It's lovely to look back at the early days and feel that as time lengthens between then and now, that vivacity of spirit remains unchanged, save for perhaps only growing deeper.